Top 10 Highest-Paying Work From Home Jobs Without a Degree


If you are a hands-on person with gardening, then landscaping is one good choice for making money without any qualification. Landscapers are highly needed and this job has a great potential to become a good business. A landscaper’s responsibilities include mowing the lawn, planting trees, weed removal, rubbish removal, etc.

Software engineers design and develop software applications, games, and mobile apps. They analyze system requirements and create solutions to meet the needs of the users. Remote software engineers should be knowledgeable in the software development life cycle, object-oriented design, and programming languages such as C and Python. While you are still waiting for a response to your job application, you can practice answering some basic interview questions. To prepare for the interview, you can also review the job description to make sure you are familiar with everything that the job requires. Think of the interview as an opportunity to show off your excellent communication skills.

Administrative, virtual, or executive assistant

While it is a technical position, you can learn data analytics through a bootcamp program instead of getting a four-year degree. Working as a cyber security specialist is one of the best remote work opportunities because you can earn a great salary while enjoying a flexible schedule. While you can land this work-from-home job with no degree, you will need to have the technical skills necessary to protect an organization’s network, servers, and hardware. This will include penetration testing, ensuring employees adhere to best security practices, and addressing any attacks. These jobs require you to listen to audio recordings — of meetings, TV shows, podcasts, etc. — then type up what was said so people can read it later.

best work from home jobs without degree

If you are a native English speaker and would love to use this skill to earn money from home, then English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutoring is a great option. I agree most of the ESL tutoring companies require a bachelor’s degree (any degree), but there are some companies that don’t need you to have a college degree at all. Patience, the ability to learn things quickly, independent problem solving skills, and the ability to multitask are some of the skills you will need to master if you want this work-from-home job. Companies like GitHub, Zapier, American Express, Working Solutions, Apple, etc. hire customer service reps from time to time. Data entry jobs require good typing skills, basic computer knowledge, and preferably some experience in the field. Keep in mind that the pay for data entry jobs is mostly low and the work might not be continuous.

Travel & Hospitality Jobs

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Research Analyst is $44,452. The job of a researcher is to obtain information from a number of sources to prepare the data for analysis. The research remote jobs that pay well without a degree could be done to analyze financial investments, scientific findings, market opportunity, or more. Employees who work remotely need a personal computer and a reliable Internet connection.

Grammar and spelling must be correct at all times, without losing any of its original meaning. This job is an excellent fit for individuals who enjoy engaging with people and can handle situations where customers may be upset or rude. Among all the best jobs without a degree, this is probably the highest-paying and with the most number of jobs. While you don’t need a degree, some employers may ask for a bookkeeping certificate, which you can acquire through courses and certification programmes. Candidates with a proven track record of professional transcription skills who can meet a 99% accuracy rate will qualify for this remote position.

Social Media Content Creator

Landscapers are hired by the residential houses, parks, big businesses, conversational reserves, etc. As an online stylist, you will be working with your clients to help them choose the best ensemble according to their preferences and lifestyle. This is one of the easy jobs to do if you are really knowledgeable about fashion trends and have a good dress sense. Proofreading companies like Kibin and have open positions from time to time. You can surely land a proofreading job if you are detail-oriented and have an excellent command of the English language.

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