Two Common Mistakes Pastors Make with Church vs Personal Expenses


This means that there is no need for separate accounts – one personal and one business – because they will both be at the same place with only one login required. The bank asked a court to determine who was authorized to control the church’s bank accounts. It sought to protect itself against multiple liability in the event that it honored checks written by both the former and current pastor of the church. The court ruled that the board’s actions were lawful, and concluded that only those checks and withdrawals having the approval of the current pastor should be authorized by the bank.

  • Can the church appoint one person to be in charge of all finances?
  • Opinions and practices vary as to whether the spiritual leader of the congregation should be allowed unrestricted oversight, be completely uninvolved, or work with a board/advisory committee in the monetary business of the church.
  • Check for pastors using church funds for personal use and what happens to a church when the pastor dies.
  • Remember that ideally, the pastor should not be the one to manage the finances of the church, since he has been appointed by God to preach the gospel.
  • The board also modified its bank resolution by removing the dismissed pastor’s name as an authorized signature and requiring that only those checks and withdrawals having the approval of the new pastor be honored.

Each church bank account should have at least three signers; the pastor, a steward (maybe the pro-tem or financial secretary), and a trustee. Manual checks should be authorized for issuance by two persons, one of which may be the pastor. However, the pastor’s signature is not necessary if signed by two other persons in authority. Churches should also think about what they want their bank to do for them. Some banks offer specific services such as providing automated banking software or giving priority service to religious organizations.Who Manages Church Bank Accounts? Once the purpose of the church bank account is determined, who will manage it is next.

Mistake 2: The pastor uses church funds for personal expenses.

The board also amended its bank accounts to require that all checks and withdrawals be approved by the new pastor. The former pastor claimed that the board’s actions were invalid because they violated the church constitution. The constitution required that the senior pastor approve any actions adopted by the board.

You can also apply on the phone and get your EIN issued immediately. The EIN does not affect the tax-exempt status of the church, but it is a requirement for all entities withholding income and the employee’s salary Social Security taxes. Church leaders who keep expenses within an approved budget will impress their members. A good budget must build in enough allowance for 9 things you didn’t know were tax deductions variations, of course, but a reasonable, consistent pattern of expenses will be comforting to a congregation. This will also include all
new questions, comments, tips, and ideas posted by your fellow
nonprofit and church staff. The Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church 2016 specifies that the pastor shall be the official head of all boards.

DID YOU KNOW? AME Church Information compiled by the CLO Historiographers of Districts 1-20

Below are two common ways pastors mix their personal expenses with the church’s expenses and solutions for fixing them. Cash disbursements steps should be segregated between people processing information in the accounting software and check signers. An individual with access to the accounting records could “cover their tracks” if they were a check signer that made improper payments. The same separation of roles is important for the payroll process so that an individual cannot pay individuals inappropriately.

Step 2: The Name and Structure of the Church

Here are some other resources to help you understand and perform your job. Our Bookkeeping Service at StartCHURCH is focused on religious nonprofits, churches, and ministries. Our ministry-minded bookkeepers provide years of experience for ministers and pastors to rely on for situations such as these.

In many cases, it is they themselves who use the church’s money to “supply personal needs”. The administration of church finances is much more than counting tithes and offerings. The administration of the church can be done by one person, or by creating a special committee for that purpose, where there are different delegated functions, such as the administrator, the secretary, the treasurer, among others. When you have an EIN, you are eligible to open a church bank account and employ workers for the church. Allowance Is the minister allowed to use the churches credit card for personals
No. Even with the above two definitions, additional guidance may be necessary.

The Discipline notes that the Board of Stewards are charged with making an exact account of all monies collected for the support of the ministry. We know that churches need a bank account where they can deposit income and have the money available to meet the needs of the various ministries and social works it performs. Generally, the account belongs to an NGO or a non-profit institution (as most churches are designated).

Who makes Financial Decisions in a Church?

Generally, churches that have at least 500 active members are eligible. Churches with more than 1,000 members may be eligible if they meet certain other requirements.Once your church is eligible, you’ll need to apply for a bank account. You’ll need to provide information about your church and its leaders, as well as information about the church’s finances. You’ll also need to fill out an application form and submit it to the bank.Once your application is complete, the bank will review it and determine whether or not your church is eligible for a bank account.

All churches periodically change their bank resolution which designates those persons who are legally authorized to sign checks or make withdrawals from church accounts. This case illustrates an important legal principle—any changes in a church’s bank resolution must be done in compliance with the church’s governing document (constitution, bylaws, etc.) to be legally valid. Failure to comply with the governing document can lead to confusion and legal complications, since this may invalidate the proposed change in authorized signatures—meaning that the previous signatories remain valid and the new ones are not. First Born Church of the Living God v. Bank South, 472 S.E.2d 469 (Ga. App. 1996).

Put the business manager in charge of the account.

Since 1948, the Advance has helped channel over three million gifts totaling over one billion dollars to thousands of projects and ministries around the world. “RSS”
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